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  1. Fark mate I thought it was cold in Adelaide I gotta tuffen up
  2. I know bro I was just having a laugh cause some people get all antsi about that shit
  3. Maybe look at injectors for your smoke issue as for the starting that sounds about normal mine does that too even with brand new plug when it's cold. Oh and you guys that don't support the Australian market make me bla bla bla bla pfffft as if I was gonna say that but someone might lol.... They seem to love bashing on people for that on forums
  4. Pick up the donor vehicle tomorrow Change of plans now fitting my engine etc into the donor Easier to get registered that way
  5. Hey guys The body on my troll is rusty and the paint is poor I have a really good condition body to swap in the next few weeks My question is will this present any problems registering it etc Is there any markings ie numbers that tie the body to the chassis number etc? Or am I free to swap the body and registration and licensing will never be able to tell Of it ever has to go over the pits? Cheers Mike
  6. Guys some trolls have a fibre black heat shield on the engine side of the firewall, does anyone have one or know wherei can get one? You can't buy them new anymore Cheers Mike
  7. Yep once welded up and back on I will take some pics Cheers
  8. Me and a mate Started making rock sliders/ side steps going to be bloody strong once fully welded and gusseted. The front mount is heaps stronger than most I have seen.
  9. Started building sliders today How can I up load pics from iPhone or iPad?
  10. mikegq


    Welcome yendor Glad you could make it
  11. mikegq

    Windows 8

    What's its compatibility going to be like? I use 20-30 radio programming programs and they run mainly on xp and vista If the worst happens and I have to get a new computer will they work on 8 Or is it going to be totally different and incompatable?
  12. My cooling system is in perfect order but wonder if a rad like this would help with the front mount and ac as well? Discuss please http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/56mm-3row-Nissan-GQ-PATROL-Safari-Y60-2-8L-4-2L-DIESEL-3L-PETROL-RACING-RADIATOR-/150831996694?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item231e499f16#ht_2513wt_1002
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