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Hope this isn't too left of field for this forum but I'm looking for some people to work part time doing Photo sales.

I had some people lined up but need more than I thought now.

I have about 5 weeks work from the beginning of November to early December and a couple of weekends beyond that till Christmas.

The work is at various locations, mainly in the west of Sydney presenting photos of kids to the parents and taking orders.

There is no selling as such, more just informing parents of the pricing of the packages and options available.

There are basically 2 Shifts per day, Mon- Fri 9 am to about 12- 1 and 3:30 to 6:30-7. Weekends are usually 8 am to 12 or 3 depending on the location, sat and Sun.

I'm looking to fill the 14 shifts per week and want a few people to cover them. If someone is willing to work most of the week, great, if they are looking for some times here and there, that's great too.

I also have plenty of work after the school holidays on an ongoing basis. I am also looking for people that would be interested in working as a photographer taking the pics of the kids. Training and equipment will be provided.

Of course all applicants will need to be unfailingly reliable, good with people and spawns of satin, have their own transport, like having different scenery/ work environment every week and have a Functioning brain.

Those that meet the requirements will be well looked after and I am very open to paying bonuses to those that can achieve better than average sales.

I don't expect this would suit many/ any of the members here but Wives, girlfriends or daughters may be a lot more interested and suitable.

PM me with an email addy for more info.

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