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Expressions of interest. Sweet a$$ valve caps..


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I have to opportunity to supply these sweet looking valve caps.. With the keychain spanner



Excuse the rim, its about to be repainted

There 100% stainless steel, with an internal rubber seal.

I'll be doing a forum special for $10+ postage (then you can decide how quick you want them..)

Yea, if your interested pm me.


Kallen Westbrook

Owner of

Westy's Accessories

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Ok I've made an executive decision.. Lol

Every set sold threw the month of November, I will be donating $2 to team Silver Rollers for Movember..

So now you can get bling and be helping a great cause.. So snap them up guys..

You can follow us rollers here


Kallen Westbrook

Owner of

Westy's Accessories

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