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I paid 32k for this 2008 ex telstra ute with 102000km on the clock. It came with the winch, bar, spotties, dual batterys, canopy,wiring, inside lights, shelves (hot water system was missing). I have since fitted all the other bits you see in the pics.post-213-0-67972700-1352161034_thumb.jpgpost-213-0-00871900-1352161049_thumb.jpgpost-213-0-43725000-1352161059_thumb.jpgpost-213-0-86315800-1352161071_thumb.jpg]post-213-0-90567200-1352161094_thumb.jpgpost-213-0-80576300-1352161104_thumb.jpgpost-213-0-27203000-1352161114_thumb.jpgpost-213-0-05029600-1352161158_thumb.jpg

The exhaust is legal (if you live in uzbekistan)

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Nah, I will get around to it tho. The utes going great, I just kicked over 200k (i have done 100k in 12 months)


In that 12 months the Ebay stereo died, they say they will give me a refund but I am still waiting and the Speedy exhaust brackets broke. I have got rid of the split rims and am in the process of changing all my tyres over to Geolandars.

Over all I am very happy with it. I average aroud 13lph km and it weighs 3200kg loaded with all my work gear

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Yeah mate. Just put a new crate motor in the wagon. She kept cracking heads and then I found that my new radiator was 3/4 blocked. That's why she was doing it.......Oh yeah and the Ni$$an gauge was rooted, it wont move until you hit 100c. We have put 100000km on it in the last year also. My wife drives the wagon now so I needed it to be reliable. $15000 it frickin should be lol. New digital gauge, belts, t/chain, glow plugs, hoses, injectors, I/P and did the glow plug button mod to stop them from staying on for 5 minutes. They go off when you take a finger off the momentary button now. 

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