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Front end CLUNK and resolution


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Well for the last year I’ve had a clunk coming from the front end of the GQ and I have got under there a couple of times but have not been able to pick the issue.

The clunk only happened when the left wheel compressed. So I checked radius arms, springs, shocks, sway bar, the lot. Nothing.

Well in the last few weeks it has been really bad and with the old man down I jumped underneath and got him to jump on the bull bar while I inspect it.

I’m the first jump I picked the issue. The bolt holding the rear radius bush on the diff was slopping up and down. And about 2 mm's as well. Bummer.

So I assume the worst, its flogged the mounting plate out.

So today I start to pull the bolt out, it was loose as, so a ratchet and shifter was all I needed.

Well there is a little wear in the diff mounting plate, but most of it was in the thread which had completely rounded off. TFFT is all I could say.

I popped down to Blackwoods, grabbed a new M16x1.5 pitch (metric fine) by 80mm long in 8.8 grade and I was on my way home for $3...

Now before I bolted it back up I checked how bad the hole was.. It was 16.5x17mm.. .5mm elongated so in my eyes pretty good. If it happens again I’ll be welding some washers to the plate either side to get a nice snug fitting hole again..

So it’s all back together again and no clunk.. I also went of the other bolts in the front end and all were tight. So wether this one was missed after the lift install and castor correction bushes fitted I’m not sure.. I will be rechecking in a couple of week’s time..

So if you have any sort of clunking noise check it out.. It could have been a lot worse for me...

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I have noticed my old girl is steering from the back end.

When running up the motorway, when I go from over run or cruise and put the power on, the thing will very slightly point to the drivers side before straightening up again. It seems to be the torque from the rear wheels is shifting the thing on some mounting, maybe taking up the slack before it evens out again.

It will also shift the other way when coming off the power rapidly.

I'll have to get under the thing when I finish work for the year in a few weeks and have a look and see if I need to get bushes or something before everyone closes for Xmas.

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