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I have recently bought a CRD 3.0l, ( now 110000km) after reading and estimating where my clutch bites at, I will be up for a new one soon. I replaced the DMF in my Di wagon with a single mass and like the feel.

The ZD30 Navara has a single mass flywheel from standard. Will it fit the Patrol? Will a second hand Navara flywheel+machining be cheaper than a new after market fly wheel? Are there any reasons not to do this?I think a Navara clutch wont last, will a Patrol one match up?

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DMFs are an excuse for manufacturers not beefing up the driveline when engine torque and horse power goes up during the models life (usually). ZD30 in Navara is derated hence no need for DMF. I'd definately want a right cluch and flywheel in Patrol so I wouldn't f about with it.

Patrol is much heavier than Navara (perhaps ute isn't) but still I wouldn't wanna do the job twice with twice the cost.


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