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Driving Lights


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Hi and welcome to the forum.


If they are the genuine IPFs like mine, you will probably have to pay a fortune for the chrome rings. I have a cracked lens. IPF want $180 to replace it so i just put that plastic lens protector stuff over it.


Steel wool (fine grade) will normally remove surface rust but if the chrome is lifting, they cant be cleaned. Maybe get a price on getting them rechromed? Sids metal polishing at Slacks Creek charged me $50 to do a fork leg for my bike a few years ago so it should be cheap enough.


Good luck

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I have a similar problem with mine, although the chrome ring is only partially "rust blistering" on one light. The chrome rings are available from Nissan "rare parts" department for about $50 a pop when I checked about six months ago.

I'm gonna clean the blisters out and than spray paint the rings either black or some similar colour, I noticed  chrome paint on the shelves too perhaps I'll give that one a try.. This is much cheaper option than new rings or whole set of lights.


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