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Seatbelts snagging and locking on the way out

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I have a 1994 4.2Ti GQ Patrol in which the right hand side rear seatbelt is very quick to lock on the way out. A release then re-pull sometimes works but other times it repeatedly locks. The Ti has a built-in fridge and rear air con which makes removing the right hand side seatbelt a bit of a session as it would appear that even the fridge has to be removed to get the assembly out! As the anchor bolt moves out it presses against the rear air-con pipes even when they are loosened from the fridge case.


Anybody know any tricks to getting a seatbelt to behave itself or would I be better replacing it with a new/secondhand part?



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I'd caution with second hand seatbelt as you wouldn't know where it has been make sure you give it a good visual. As for tips what to do, I'm not sure, never had these kind of seatbelts apart before.

I'm pretty sure Mr Nissan is going to slug you with a pretty penny.


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