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ZD30 Oil sender socket size.


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Hi guys,
Just thought this info maybe useful to those attempting to replace the oil sender/s on ZD30. I had a bit of mission today to find out exactly what fits,
I found that with certain conditions following will apply:
The shape of the sensor makes it fun to choose the socket/spanner size for sure"
The sender is 27 mm across the flats

The actual socket/spanner which fits exactly is 1" but it must be 12 points socket/spanner.

26 mm 12 point (double hex) spanner and/or socket will also fit but it will be a loose fit good enough to undo.


27 mm or 1 1/16 open ended spanner will fit the sensor but not in the location and ring spanner (12 point/double hex same as socket included)  will be too big
27 mm or 1 1/16 deep socket will loose fit and good enough to undo but it must be 6 point(single hex) aka impact style.

Note on the spanners, it is actually quite hard to get the spanner on the sender/s as their location and surrounding items will make it next to impossible to use. LHS (if fitted) sender is obstructed by its own heat shield and RHS sender is mounted above/next to starter motor with no space for spanner.
Use of the deep socket is preferred just don't forget the caveats with sizes and types.

Deeps socket 12 point 1" (actual size), 26 mm .... OK
Deep socket 6 point impact style 27 mm, 1 1/16 .....OK

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