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Back at the end of August 2012 I did a trip to Eastern corner of the Flinders Ranges for what was invitation only trip for people from 4x4 Earth and P4x4 forums thanks to Patrol guru Chaz (15 cars only, first come first served actually)

Its Bunkers Conservation Reserve dedicated to Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby preservation.

What a place. Bonus of the trip was climb to Mt. Caernarvon (a part of old Skytrek route) which is now off the limits to visitors to Willow Spring station thanks to owners of said establishment unwillingness to cooperate with YFRWPA (Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby Preservation Association Inc) So much for "New Skytrek" :angry:

Weather was fantastic but cloudy on the Mt Caernarvon climb nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed the place and company of people involved. Everyone will be pleased to know that Patrols also ruled. ;)


Anyway here are  some photoshots from the place......Bunkers_well_run_1_zpsa425866e.jpg
















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Absolutely love it up there. My family use to holiday up there when I was younger (8ish) but only on the south West corner. Boy did some of the tracks look big back then, but its a lovely get away with nothing to extreme. Hoping to get back next year with my family now, still in the old q which did it 15 odd years ago.. Kallen Westbrook Owner of Westy's Accessories

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