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CRD 2008 OBDll - Clearing PCM fault Codes


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Have read the GU reference doc on this topic and it refers to Bridgeing terminals 1 and 8 on the 16 pin diagnosis connector to access codes and clear said codes (Turning of Engine warning Liight).


After trying this procedure without success i had a closer look at the diagnosis connector on my 2008 CRD and i could only see wires connected to pins 4 thru 8 on the specified row (1 ,2 and 3 not connected)


I identified the right row to be the row closest to the large or tapered side of the connector as suggested in the diagram shown in the reference doc.


Has anyone any experience with this as i would like to clear 'Check Engine Warning Light'. The warning light has started coming on after EGR block and i would expect the warning code to reflect that.




Thanks in advance

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You'll need an OBDII adapter and software (e.g. Torque for Android and BT adapter) or OBDII box like Scangauge. I'm surprised you haven't got one yet (Scangauge) its the most useful kit/mod you can have.

What is written in ZD30 reference document is relating to Di non CRD models with Nissan Consult II which is not OBDII compliant.


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