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At long last


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Hi Everyone, After a 7 year break, I have finally got another Patrol. It's an 02 3.0l GU. Cant wait to get some dirt in my veins again.

Started 25yrs ago in a G60 then a MQ Shorty then a GQ 4.2p LWB then a GQ 4.2D Turbo then a GQ xtra cab V8 Ute twin locked, crawler gears,37" creepies,you know all the comp truck stuff. I finished building this truck and completely lost interest and sold it, and thats the short story until now. 

Now I'm ready to start learning all over again.

Cheers Vic.





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Wow, what a story, I don't think you need to learn anything more, perhaps just refreshing your memory a little as you seem to "been, done that all"

Some serious stuff.

Anyway, welcome to the forum and post some pics of your new wheels if you wish. ;)



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