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Hey all


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Hey all,

I am Antony from Melbourne, I am a locksmith and own a Y61 GU 2013 Patrol. I have owned a Patrol for 18 days now and just starting to spend to upgrade her.

We love camping which has lead us into buying a 4x4. Now we are planning trips like Simpson, Kakadu, Top End etc.. As I haven't been off road before I have a lot of learning to do, so "baby steps" trips into the bush before we are ready for the big stuff.

Love going up Timbarra, Blackwood, and Snow River Mountains etc. but now we can start doing some of the tracks. Wanting to do the blue mountains and 100 other places. My wife and kids make me take them 5 star camping (Only way she will get in the car) so a cappuccino in the middle of the bush is a common event. We are easy going, very family orientated people that love getting out there.

Just started to look around to join a 4x4 club, once the Patrol is decked out and planning most weekends away in the bush. Love the cold weather, not so much rain but cold is good.

I am a hobby apiarist, so always looking for good bee spots. Love shooting, fishing, Jack Daniels around the fire and just being out in the middle of the bush. I am also a SES volunteer.

I sell Mallee Root charcoal (Don’t cook on gas) and can cook up a mean Gyros, Matambre, chicken ribs too name a few things. We have never owned a microwave because we like a good feed and if you need to microwave then you’re busy, simplify your life :-)

If you want to know anything just ask.



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