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  1. M8 just got kings with bilsteins and is very happy
  2. Ok I got a y61 Diesel, Manual, GU patrol wagon 2013 - ZD3.0? Can only find manuals up to 2011 (2005-2011 Haynes) Has there been any changes in the vehicle since then which this/these manuals won't have? When looking for info can I use 2008/09/10 etc stuff? Also what series is the 2013? And is it a 1Hzt etc. Just looking around and so many variants. I know I brought the best real 4x4 - Nissan Patrol but that's it. Also what manuals are out there to pull the dash off etc, other than striping the engine down. Come Get Some - Sent from my iPhone
  3. Look ok Rum but with the staun you set and go to the next one. By the time your around all 4 the first 1 is at preset psi and you just remove them I don't like unscrewing the valve, can see problems over time and the last thing you want is a slow leak. Not that I'm an expert, green really but anything screwing and unscrewing will wear out, ie.. Lovers help each other undress before sex. However after sex, they always dress on their own. Moral of the story: In life, no one helps you once you're screwed. Come Get Some - Sent from my iPhone
  4. Just brought the yellow pack of Staun deflators. Got the yellow pack off eBay which is the camper trailer pack on the website. Comes 4 x normal deflators and 2 x heavy duty. Got shipped the same day so will get Monday :-) http://www.stauntyredeflators.com.au/how_to_deflate.php http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com.au/viewitem?itemId=360683152438
  5. Fell off this site but back Ok here is an update. After 7hrs of Nissan having the vehicle I get a call and they said, "We are about to take off the hubs to explore further?" I said, "What have you been doing all day with it? I thought you would have pulled them off in the first hour of looking?" They said, "No we haven't touched anything yet but explored the problem all day by going around, checking things out? When I got to the service department to get my rig back, the first comment was that they thought me adding the bullbar caused the grinding noise in the front. I told them it was re
  6. So Admin, u Sydney? You would get a choice of Mallee Root or Gidgee charcoal?
  7. Nice van. I've gone with a 8x5 box trailer, aluminum and a blackwolf tent. Prefer all the toys and have a basic tent to sleep.
  8. Just got the ARB deluxe bar, winch capable today and the Kaymar rear protection with 2 x Jerry and 1 x wheel. Safari snorkel on order and got the Kaymar high jack holder coming as well. Also buying today the hi jack and premium recovery kit bag. So to date the extras have cost me $9000. Will post pics when I pick her up
  9. Hey Geoff, welcome to the forum
  10. Hey Jack, just got a 4x4 myself, so just started the learning process Welcome to the forum
  11. Hey outback, new myself but welcome
  12. Thanks Rum, average post rate on 4x4 earth is 9 per day. So 25 won't take me long
  13. They said it does to all new patrols in their yard? As I see it, it wasn't on their selling brochure, so I don't want it, fix please.
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