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Patrol Y61 oil pressure warning light


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I have a patrol station wagon Y61 3l diesel, manufactured 2005, 45,000km.


The oil pressure warning light has started ti behave erratically. I start the engine, sometimes it goes off, sometimes it stays on. I stop and start again, and it might go off or not, and so on.


The mechanic checked the oil pressure, was Ok, and replaced the pressure switch (on the RH side). The fault remained, but I could drive with some confidence.


Then I discovered that there are 2 oil pressure switches (the mechanic apparently did not know that). He ordered the other switch and will replace it when it arrives.


Then I discovered (from a foreum) that there is also a resistor feeding the info re oil pressure into the ECM. Could not find it. It should be in the accelerator foot well, behind the kick plate. Certainly it is not there. Interestingly the resistor is not present on the wiring diagram, but it is listed on the harness layout at the location mentioned.


Right now the light goes off everytime I start and drive, but for how long?


Any idea what to do?

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This is common issue on GU 4 series. Bad switches chattering and wearing out their contacts. The resistor block is there to limit the chattering nothing else. There is a Nissan service/maintenance bulletin about this with affected vehicles VIN numbers. Apparently the fix is to replace both senders and the resistor. Resistor is around $130 and each sender around $35.

It is actually easy to locate which sender is misbehaving as they're a simple single wire type conecting to ground when oil pressure is off.

The resistor is mounted behind the plastic trim panel next to accelerator pedal.



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Hi all. First time poster long time Patrol owner, I have just purchased a 2005 gu and oil light just started coming on.. I've replaced the switch on the passenger side and will replace the switch on drivers side (when i can get a good ground clearance to reach up to it). I rang nissan for the resistor also, but the one they gave me is the same as 'Rumcajs' has posted above- the one on mine is far larger resistor ...(about twice the size) ?  Did nissan change them...?


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I don't know about change in size, when I did mine it was/appeared the same. It is usually the drivers side sensor which is a culprit.

It is reachable with an extension and appropriate socket (check my post on oil sender spanner/socket sizes explanations ==> ).

One thing to watch for is not to yank too hard when removing/tightening the sensor as ot is mounted on a stand off fitting which is held by banjo bolt which can come loose and than you'll have oil leak.

To gain access to that one (banjo fitting) the starter motor needs to be removed which is horrible job.

Good luck, mate.


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I am having the same issue, I am travelling at the moment, will call into a nissan and see If I can get the parts.

It has been very frustrating as I changed my oil again to check the filter. It only happens each morning when the car sits over night. I ran a scan with scan gauge and there was a code P0522. - oil swnsor / low voltage.

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