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ZD30 Injector trim files


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I have recently replaced the injectors in my 2008 Patrol, due to previous owners water contaminated fuel. The engine starts again and runs well but it has considerably less performance than before.


I assume that this will be related to the trim of the injectors matching the ECU.

I am seeking information on how the process works, what I need and where might I get it. (i.e. injector trim files)


And can someone recommend a good diesel service centre around Rockhampton who would be able to do the matching?


I have blocked the EGR  and added a Dawes and manual boost trim, these are working correctly, but this makes me reluctant to take it to the local NIssan dealers.


Any advice would be appreciated

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Injectors trim codes are directly entered in to ECM,  I hope you have recorded them as which injector with its corresponding code is in which cylinder. Normally these are stamped somewhere near the electrical plug or possibly came with some documentation enclosed with each injector.

Unfortunately you do need to visit Nissan dealer they will program the trim values using their Consult interface. Possibly visiting a Bosch fuel injection specialist might be able to assist as well.


This should not require them to touch anything as far as EGR, Dawes or needle valve.




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