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Unknown Cable going nowhere


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This is my first post as a new member. I was hoping someone could tell me what this cable does, It is a Fig 8 cable running from a plug at the front of the Intercooler, Taped together, One lead is connected to the glow plug running out the rear towards the Firewall. And this is where it gets strange as it is cable tied to the pipes it looks like an add on and runs to a screw connector and taped up and connected to nothing. The car runs fantastic so Iam hesitant to remove it, But I would like to know to neaten up the cabling or find out what it does.

I hope someone can tell me. I have taken some photos to help.




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Turbo diesel, 3.0 litre 2000 model. The cable doesn't look standard. I haven't checked if their is power at the end yet. I am assuming it has power

being taped and a connector on the end.



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That's factory glow plugs power cable from glow plug relay if it is connected to the plug at the front of intercooler.

Looks like it has been bypassed either because OEM system failed or/and someone added extra control instead of factory ECU.

This is common on ZD30 but not that way (bypassing factory glow plugs control) as ECU keeps glowing plugs for about 5 minutes after engine has been started.

This is really bad for the engine and plugs reliability but good for emission control. It is suppose to keep emissions down while engine is running cold but that degree of glow is just ridiculous. Most diesel engines have about 30 seconds glow time after start.

A lot of people fit aftermarket timer (Kemo 113A) to control the glow time but it is done on the ground side from the ECU to the the glow relay. Very effective mod and cheap too. Sometimes they connect indicator wire to the buzz bar (glow rail) to have an actual indicator of glow plugs being powered.

That would be my 2 cent worth.


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