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cig lighter and cd changer issues


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i recently bought a 1999 2.8TD manual GR, did only about 100 miles on it. Obviously the car has minor issues.

the first one is that cig lighter is not working (power socket in the trunk also does not work). If i read the electric schema correctly the cig lihgter has a fuse with number 13 that is fine. The power socket has two fuses numbers 9 and 46. 46 is dead and i have already ordered it. But again if i understand things correctly 46 has nothing to do with the cig lighter. so what are the next steps to trouble shoot the issue?

The second issue i feel a bit stupid about: how do i eject the cd changer magazine?

thanks in advance


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According to my wiring diagram, there are/could be up to four fuses involved with cig lighter/power sockets depending on options.

Fuses 9, 13, 19, 46.


As for CD changer, there should be "eject" button or slide door/flap.



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