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Gear Box Removal on 2008 GU CRD


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Hi Guys,


Thinking of replacing the DMF with SMF over the Christmas break. Have had a quick look at the access to the gearbox bellhousing to engine bolts. All the lower ones and the ones for the starter motor are easy to get at but the top 2 are hard to touch never mind get a socket on them. Just wondered if you remove the gear box cross member and lower the gearbox  therefore letting the engine tilt backwards is there enough room to get at the top 2 bellhousing bolts withg a socket, wobbly and extension. 




Happy Christmas to ALL.


Cheers TaffWest


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You will find that your biggest problem isn't the bolts but the bell housing (starter motor hump) hitting the transmission tunnel/body before being able to extract transmission.

You actually need to rotate the gearbox almost  of 1/4 of a turn to clear the body. Removing low range section makes it  easier.

This gearbox is absolute PITA to handle apparently I hope you have decent transmission jack and good luck. I had a look at mine and I don't wanna get involved TBH. Remember to undo the "hardest to get to" bolts first.


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Thanks Rumcajs, have borrowed my mates gearbox jack and i am sure there will be moments i wish i hadnt started the job as always.


Took the gearbox plus transfer out of my old NE Pajero and had a few "why the hell did i do this" moments. So there in the post so to speak.


Anyway Mate thanks once again for all your helpfull advice and info over the last year.


Take Care and have a good one.



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