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engine choices

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Well it all depends on your vallet but if I'm correct GU version of TD42 has some electronic control over mechanical pump unlike the GQ unit which is mechanical everything. So you would need also need the ECU and possibly figure out how to disable immobilizer which is a part of that pump (GU).


Personally I'd rebuilt the current engine unless the GU donor engine is incredible cheap to obtain which I sincerely doubt as those engines are primary target for disgruntled ZD30 owners whose "grenade" exploded so possibly cost a pretty coin to get. Anyway here I'm shooting of my hip as these are only rumours I read on the internet.


My 2 cents...



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Yeah its going to cost a fair bit, I have the option of exchanging my current engine (td42) (overheated but runs ruff) for a reconditioned gu spec td42 turbo plus $5.5k doesn't include injector pump, turbo etc (long engine)

Or rebuild my engine with turbo pistons $5.4k

So I guess my question is what is a better td42 engine for running a turbo gq or gu.

Many thanks again cheers

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TD42 for GU is factory turbocharged so I guess it comes with the strength built for it. Based on that guess than its GU engine however that one comes with added shackles like EGR, electronics etc. I'm not sure but are you looking at turbocharging the GQ engine after rebuilt or not option or just rebuilding with turbo pistons?

 Getting GU long motor and everything else from GQ fits than I suppose that way you could go but  to add turbo and pump to that block will add another 5 grand easily especially once you start chasing performce as well.

Stock TD42 aren'r exactly renowned for power output turbo or not.

Anyway if you got money for it than go GU long motor its probably better.



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