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hi guys

da riverrat

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Hi guys thought I'd introduce my self I'm from the Mildura area  I drive a 91 GQ Patrol TB42 and have a 73 G60 P40  well body ute as  my project My oldest son has just brought a 84 MK ute SD33 after he hydro locked his courier and my 2nd oldest has a 89 GQ tb42 and my wife had a 98 TD jackaroo but now she has a 2000 GT Forester but wants a real 4B again we love hitting the tracks nealy every week end down the river or where ever we can find with my wife and 6 kids living the dream we do all our own work and mods on our trucks and look forward to interacting with you all 

                                                                                                                        Cheers Tpost-1980-0-56408500-1391903185_thumb.jppost-1980-0-62393700-1391903304_thumb.jppost-1980-0-11100900-1391903422_thumb.jppost-1980-0-04250000-1391903500_thumb.jppost-1980-0-58505500-1391903658_thumb.jpim 

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