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Zd30 power steering pump


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Hi all

I was wondering if anyone has rebuilt or put a seal kit through a zd30 power steering pump? Mine feels it is lagging a bit, and being 14 years old it's probably due. If anyone has, was it worth the hassle or is it worth just buying a new unit? It looks like it's going to be a mission to get to!!!

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How do you know it is lagging a bit? I'd have it checked by steering specialist to check flow rate and max pressure. Also it could easily be your steering box, internally leaking for example.


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Cheers Rumcajs, I'm not sure to why it feels it is lagging. Every now and again it loses pressure so to speak. Only for 20 seconds or so then comes back. Usually happens when I'm on a bush track. I've got the seal kit there ready to go thinking it may be the pump. I'll check the steering box, u could be onto something there...

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