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Steering wheel audio controls?


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I have a 2013 Y61.  It came with a nice AV/GPS unit, but for some reason, it does NOT have steering wheel audio controls.  

In their wisdom, there is no way to MUTE the device unless you use the steering wheel controls.

So, I want to add steering wheel controls.


Does anyone know if I need a new clock spring specific for steering wheel audio controls, or can i just but the audio switch control panel and add it?

Anyone else added steering wheel audio controls before?


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Given that your vehicle is fairly recent indeed it may still be under warranty I'd actually call Nissan to find out if you need those parts.

You could check yourself if the clock spring plug/socket has spare contacts/terminals in it, that would indicate that it is "audio controls ready".

Calling Nissan is probably easier.




Edit: Contacting Ni$$an might not be easier as those incompetent tools will probably request VIN otherwise they can't find their own arses.

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OK, I had a bit of search about it even removing the airbag on my own truck and this is what I found.

It appears that clock spring/spiral cable is/has extra leads in it to support audio control.

What is not good at least on mine is that cabling from clock spring to audio control panel is not there and I couldn't locate one on Nissan's FAST parts system. Also harness from the other side of the clock spring to audio unit is also missing so this ain't as easy as to just obtain switch controls panel and fit.


While it is doable it may be way to fiddly and  expensive to source all the Nissan terminals and plugs and than make own harness.


It simply doesn't make sense when the audio controls on actual unit are only a short reach away.


Just too much effort IMHO.



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