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Hi guys i am just after a bit of advice from anybody who may have experienced the same issues im having with my patrol ute zd30 crd ?

Its Hard to start and is only running on 3 cylinders and very very smokey, (black smoke)

so i have replaced injectors and injector copper washers and o rings (oil seals ) installed a new fuel filter and replaced all fuel lines, new maff sensor also new fuel , taken off the turbo and cleaned out and intercooler and all pipes /lines cleaned properly and nothing changed , so i then checked the injector wiring harness so i pulled the plugs off one by one with the engine running, and if i pull off # 2 it almost stalls and so on, 3, and 4 it almost stalls the engine however number # 1 when i take it off doesn't change anything apart from the smoke which seems to disappear after a few seconds.??

There is a shit load of oil coming out of the rear of the turbo also , and its still running like a dog, i have also just fitted a egr block plate with a small hole in it and all that seems to do is makes it a little easier to start.... I have checked wiring from injector to ecu for resistance and continuity and all appears fine,

My mates hanatec ecu is telling me that the rail pressure is high also .

Would muchly appreciate any idea's .

Could my ecu be f@#ked ?? Or does anyone know where else i could look?

Cheers guys

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Oh dear,


First I'd carry out compression test on each cylinder.


That would tell you which cylinder number is not firing properly if any.


Secondly I'd make sure you EGR valve is not stuck fully open as black smoke is usually indicator of very rich AFR in another words either too much fuel or not enough air.


Thirdly make sure that your breather (CCV) is not blocked.


The signs are not good, depending on the compression test results you could have a cylinder/piston problem or some other induction problem. I'd block the EGR completely to see what happens. (I don't understand why people bother with the small hole in the blocking plate. Who cares that EGR code is set, you know why!


Did you know that when changing injectors on CrD you have to enter new calibration/trim codes in the ECU for each injector?



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Hi mate cheers for the advice,

I hav done a compession test which came back all good, also done a test on the egr valve with my scan tool that indicates that it is working, however th only thing i havent done is blocked the egr off completly , i will do this tommorow. In regards to the trim codes mate, everyone says that they need to be entered however after speaking with a diesel injection specialist the other day he said if they are the bosch brand injectors they dont need the trim codes entered in but if they are the denso brand then they do have to be. Im just going by what he said so he may have been full of it too. I couldnt see the trim codes changing it from how it is to spot on tho , what do you think mate? I have just had a mate look at it also and he is leaning towards a ecu fault , is this likely?

Cheers bud

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G'day mate.


First to that diesel specialist, I'm sorry but what that person is telling you is almost unbelievable, some specialist indeed. However just having incorrect trim codes is not going to cause the grief you are having, trim codes are used to fine tune fuel delivery for smoother idle and to improve fuel consumption. The Bosch systems especially use trim codes, the injectors you got would have those codes printed/etched on the injector body/casing where the harness plugs in. Some CrDs notorious for having atrocious fuel consumption were only found with no trim codes entered in the ECU from the factory.


If your ECU has failed/failing on particular injector trigger than the only way to know for sure is to use an oscilloscope to read the signals and compare with other cylinders. That should make it clear.


Other way is to "borrow" another ECU temporarily to check what happens.


What needs an explanation is why you have lots of oil on the exhaust side of the turbo (ECU has no hand in that).


Did you check your crankcase breather hose for restriction/blockage?


Did you physically check that EGR valve is actually closing?


Also by any chance the DOC (cat) hasn't disintegrated and is now blocking the exhaust.



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