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erg blocking plate on a gu 98 2.8 td


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 I was recently was told by a mobile mechanic to install an erg blocking plate on my patrol, Im planning on driving around australia in the coming months in the patrol, i have read in some forums it can be a bad thing for the turbo as it can cause the turbo to get up to 500+ degrees, i dont want to stuff up the turbo while im in the middle of nowhere, what are peoples thoughts on this, the mechanic says the turbo kicks in sooner and it gets more power out of the engine and it becomes 25% more fuel effcient, any thoughts would be handy to know. thanks

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EGR blanking is better for your engine and worse for the enviroment. Your mechanic is partially right I'm not so sure about 25% claim.

What causes EGTs to raise is over fueling not EGR blanking.

So don't climb hills in too high gear and don't load the engine at low RPM. RD28 is high revving engine, bellow 2,500 RPM is virtualy gutless.

Correct maintenance and repair methods are crucial on RD28.


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