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G'Day All from Perth W.A.


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Bought my 2003 GU Y61 Patrol Wagon brand new and only for weekends.

It was my way of getting away from the cities and thoroughly enjoy it. Back then it was with the kids and now it is just me and the misses and anyone else who wants to follow. Best thing i ever did was buying it, the worst thing i ever did was have Nissan touch it. As you may guess i do all my own servicing and touch wood no problems. My key point here is to service it by the book and do it properly and at times, hang the expense.


Current project is NADS but as stubborn as i am, i am doing everything myself. 3 inch Taipan exhaust arrives this weekend, Innovate programmable EGT and Boost gauges, column pod, Dawes kit and oil separators should be in by the end of the month and then a weekend of swearing, cursing and a few good ales should see it done.


Next project will be Front diff locker and if it really needs it, a hydraulic winch.


The misses is getting on a bit and does not like roughing it and so we have purchase a semi off road caravan with has also had my fingers on it. Rewired, LED lighting throughout, Engel upright fridge, Tv, .....fee camping is the theme and we will see where this takes us


Was going to throw in some pics but realized my lens has been facing everyone else.

After the mods will provide updates





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3 inch exhaust installed. Would love to fire it up but from the air filter through to the manifold removed for cleaning and Nads mods. Piece of cake as long as you remember to breath and drink plenty of ....... Coffee of course. Hopefully more parts will arrive this week if australia post pulls its finger out. Wishful thinking!

Later, Dieselhead.

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