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blow by? zd30


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There is no definitive answer as a lot depends on the condfition and mileage of the motor.

ZD30 are known to breath a little, major culprit is the amount of oil in the sump. Almost everyone overfills it.

Nissan stated volume of 8.2 L is too much. It takes a while to drain all the old oil out so retail servicing job will always make the level way past the max.

Do the measurement first thing before you start the engine in the morning, you gonna get a nasty shock from how far above the max the level will be. All that excess oil causes it to be pumped out of the breather.


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Hi guys thanx for the replies

Its not over full with oil.

I'm getting more vapour out of the hose than actual oil.

I know that's why i have to put a catch can on because they do spit out little oil anyway

But more my concern is the vapour.

I just fitted a new turbo so i don't want it damage it

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Hi all, I have a similar question.  I am currently looking to buy a Patrol and have seen a few.  Most are pushing smoke out of the oil filler cap (a trick I learnt to check the rings) and one was pushing air out like the vents in the cab with the fan on high.  I realise they need to push out some air but I too am curious as to what amount is considered normal and what might be causing excess air to be exhausted this way.


If there are any other things I can look for when purchasing that would be highly appreciated, will be checking out a 2003 GUiii 3L with 260k, 5 speed manual tonight.  Add says it has full NADS kit with diff breather and 3" dump & exhaust - hoping it is in good nic as I would love to own it.

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