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Decent mechanic in the Perth Area.


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Hi all, I'm a long time Patrol owner ('96 TD42 GQ and '98 TD42 GU) and I've recently moved to Perth. I'm looking for suggestions for a decent mechanic and someone to do a pre-purchase inspection on a vehicle. I'm new to the 3l CRD so I'm not up to speed on what to look out for when buying a used 3L CRD. I'd really appreciate any help.

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G'day mate, welcome to the forum. Robson bros have a good name or see Matt from UFI.

As you already own GU with TD42 I wonder why are you interested in CrD ZD30 GU. CrD ZD30 have a few issues to look out for namely fuel eco, oil pump failures, exhaust manifold cracking and all the other previous GU's issues which you should already be familiar with and since 05 add the pimply dash syndrome.


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