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leaking rear wheel bearing seal


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Hope one of you guys can give me some advice on a leaking rear wheel bearing seal on my 99 4.2td wagon with rear discs. I have removed the axle from the housing and see there is a large nut on the axle holding the wheel bearing in place and Im sure there is a seal behind it. does any one know whats involve in removing that bearing. do I need a press to get the bearing out, cheers.

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I'm not sure I follow as I gave you disc brakes diagram itself (overview of parts) and dismantling part. Are you after installation/asssembly part too?

I went through entire manual I have from 1997-2007 (includes Australian models) and there is no change in any revisions to actual hardware in that manual.


It appears that dismantling instructions are more or less similar with just extra notes if it is drum or disc brake type.


Now what I posted is semi floating type H233 setup and as far as I'm aware H260 full floating type setup is on leaf suspension utes with drum brakes only.. but being Nissan it is possible that you have H260 with semi floating axles and disc brakes but I'm only familiar with H233 axles.


I just checked GQ service manual and instructions are identical (why wouldn't they be, the same axles)



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my apologies Rumcajs, I went back and had another look over the diagrams you sent, there is one showing the disc assembly stripped down. sorry for the inconvenience, appreciate your help. Im going to remove both axles and take them into " On off road 4x4"  at brendale to get them to replace the bearings and seals.. they know a lot about patrols as the owner races them in comps.cheers

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I have a 99 model petrol its same as 4.2L in regards to rear axle seal..Its more than likely the inner rear seal has gone, not he outer grease gearing...peice of piss to change, but get the geuine seal, it seals better than most aftermaket seals. I did one on my patrol a few months ago, just have to be careful when putting the axle in you dont put to much weight on the seal as you slide the axle back in. Might have to repack the bearing as it would of washed out the grease from the bearing.

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