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3lt GU VII 2011 does this series need engine mods?


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G'day, welcome to the forum.

In regards to Crd ZD30 (common rail diesel) while the top end of the engine has been improved to keep up with higher injection pressure hence the "grenading" issue of previous model has been reduced, the fundamental design flaws remain.

I would definitely install CCV catch can/oil separator as keeping the intake clean of oil residues with corresponding carbon gunk build up is a good thing.

Knowing what your engine is doing is also important so installing boost and EGT gauges should be high on your list.

I'd also have another earth strap between the body and chassis installed.

These mods should not affect your warranty.

The rest is possibly there with voiding it:

Take control of boost away from ECU (more power and better response)

EGR shimming with better flowing exhaust another positive for power output.

Personally I'd investigate the glow plugs operation to make sure there is not another 5 mins timeout (really bad idea) as on previous model and if it is I'd install 30 secs timer and if EGR is shimmed I'd disable the swirl valve control as well.


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