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Guys, I'm at a loss currently.


I'll give the specs as is and see if anyone has some info that'll help.


Ok I have a 2012 model y61. Roughly 50,000ks on the clock. Now i bought this car knowing full well the former issues with it. I've tried to take all steps to avoid the dramas ive had in the past.


Too date i have installed a 3' stainless exhaust from redback, which i think is a good product, over the factory setup it really help with the motors performance.

Coupled with that i fitted a set of Autron Gauges. EGT/ BOOST and dual battery gauge.


Here's where the problem arises. To my knowledge I have the egt probe installed correctly and the gauges don't need any calibration.

I was a little surprised to see the temps readings after the gauges were installed. Now i admit I probably have a heavy foot, but the temps were worrying me. Around town it was fine, would rarely reach 300 degrees. On the highway was another matter, over taking or cresting any sort of rise my tepms would reach north of 600, edging towards the 700 mark.

Now i'd always heard these motors ran warm, but that was a little ridiculous. Next step was replace the factory intercooler with an upgraded model, I went with a cross country cooler, it was a well recommended product and i'd heard good things, most importantly a reduction in egt's.

Problem is, after fitting the unit, I am not seeing a reduction at all. Maybe, and i stress without doing a pre and post dyno check, i'm getting a 30-40 degree reduction.


I'm seriously at a loss. I'm trying to protect this motor, but i'm running out of options.


Is there anyone out there with a similar setup? Or just general info would help




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G'day mate, welcome to the forum.


EGTs reaching sub 700°C is common on CrD ZD30.  The only thing you can do to alleviate that is to drive to the EGT gauge.

Consider 600°C your max limit and back off, drop a gear (if in 5th for example) learn not to have "lead" foot for sure.


What could help you is to take  boost control away  from engine ECU by fitting needle valve and Dawes valve combo and that will rise your boost levels and reduce EGTs. ECU backs off turbo vanes as you floor it or cruise along which will increase EGTs as less air more/more fuel goes in. (emission control) I recommend to investigate this option if you haven't done it already.


Bigger intercooler and free flowing exhaust you have already fitted actually contributes to lowering EGTs post power up in another words helps recover the temps downwards quicker.


Shimming EGR can also increase the EGTs somewhat.


Change of driving style will definitely improve your EGTs. Remember Patrol is not speed demon and there is no point overtaking or powering up hill to keep up with HSV or FPV cars. Honestly it sometimes chits me to tears when I have to drop speed back to 80km/h to keep EGTs under control but that is the nature of the diesel powered beast. Climbing the hill in 4th (or 3rd in auto) direct will have the desired effect.



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