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G'day mate,

I don't know who your source is but chances are it is false. Nissan AU has given up on Y61 series. In any case it is too late the damage has been done. The sales figure are so low that that anyone but blind Fredie can see that Patrol in Y61 skin is "dead, burried and cremated" to paraphrase the idiot politician in charge of the place.

Another issue to consider is the diesel emission and the shackles such engine will need soon to comply. Honestly I don't care what Nissan or anyone else will come up with now, Nissan is 10 years too late minimum with decent diesel and with all that emission junk attached to it now is simply too much of liability.

Just look what Nissan has done with Pathfinder and Y62 and is about to do to Navara. These vehicles are now Yanks junks only clueless bozos buy. Nissan has mislead folks by badging Infinity Q56 as Patrol but it ain't that.

The age of tough and dependable 4WDs are over, replaced by wanabe soft roaders for urban shopping centres carparks and soccer mums taxis.

Think about for a minute, why would they bring vehicles with Cummins 5L V8 to such small market like AU with huge costs to engineer in an ute segment which is so crowded with other player? Even Navara outsold Patrol.

I'm highly sceptical to say it but it ain't happening.


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