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wiring harness


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Good luck with that bud, the best bet is/would be to try wreckers or buy the whole car for cheap from someone. Being 1985 model I'd make my own as long as I'd have a wiring diagram......



hey mate if i get the diagram would you be able to make one up for me and where you from 


i am willing to pay you  thanks

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Sorry mate, I'd do it for myself but not for profit. You can however see your local autoelecs and they might be able to help you making one. You could remove your old one, lay it out on the bench and than match it wire by wire to fix damaged sections. I've done this before when I couldn't source genuine or waiting times for new harness are extreme. Its just time consuming thats all.

If MK wiring harness is in big demand than there might be some pros making them. 


Any "autosparky" worth his/her salt should be able to do it. I'm not auto elec just a diesel tech its not that hard just tedious and requires understanding of wiring circuits.



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