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Andrews' Patrol's difflock... from Africa


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As mentioned in my intro, I hail from South Africa and own a Patrol GU Y61 4.8... I am having endless issues with the difflock and have been without the vehicle for 7 weeks previously, as Nissan SA try and source the parts...


It has now broken again, and Nissan South Africa claims they do not have the correct parts, and that Nissan Japan keep sending them the incorrect parts...  :angry:


Please, If you guys could help me get the correct part codes for the spyder gears and y-lever I would be extremely happy...


Any other advice or assistance would be highly appreciated.. :rolleyes:

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G'day mate, I think they're "pulling your leg". I doubt very much that such claims are valid. Nissan FAST parts system works on VIN numbers and all parts are pretty much always correctly identified, so either you have a very special car or dealer is incompetent.


Chances are that the Nissan dealer is getting wrong parts possibly sourcing seconds themselves and trying to blame someone else. TBH, having this sort of dramas with factory diff lock I'd go for aftermarket units like E-Locker or ARB airlocker end of story.


This would apply in Australia and would be over very quickly. I'm not sure about availability of ARB products in South Africa for example.



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Unfortunately it seems that this is not the case in South Africa. This "excuse" was given directly by the Nissan SA customer liaison officer, not the dealer...


Unfortunately although I would like to have the ARB locker (yes we do get it here), we pay 3 times what you do for it, and it would then nullify the drivetrain warranty...


Do you know how I could get those vin numbers? 

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VIN number is stamped on the manufacturer plate inside the engine bay on RHS bulkhead near the corner or next to wiper motor. It starts with J1xxxxxxxx . 

If that number is entered in to Nissan FAST parts system which any self respecting Nissan dealer should have access to and use, To identify correct part number for any part on the vehicle.


Sorry but "Nissan SA customer liaison officer" is an idiot. Any Nissan parts guy who uses FAST system should have no issue identifying what is what. What kind of morons you guys have there?


Fitting ARB locker to Nissan Patrol in Australia never voids any warranties and in any case look where that warranty which is not worth the paper it is written on is getting you anyway.


Looks like you are experiencing the wonderful Nissan customer service, we get it here in Australia too.


You can always source the ARB locker from States for a half the cost.


I don't have access to 2013 Nissan FAST parts system so I can't really help you.


What you can do is to contact Garry from Nizzbits in Melbourne (nizzbits@hotmail.com) website: www.nizzbits.com.au , he's very good with Nissan parts, he maybe able to point you in the right direction.



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