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new fuel filter wont start


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CRD 3.0

Got a ryco fuel filter Z712 and swapped it over from what looked like a filter that had never been removed..

Anyhow, can't seem to get the fuel up, connected all the hoses, tightend and priming but i can not seem to feel the fuel flowing.. Took off the inlet hose and primed with my thumb on it and fuel comes up after a while, soon as i put it back on the filter and prime more nothing, just air..

Is there a trick to this?


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G'day mate,

Have you retightened the drain valve, checked that fuel filter seal is correctly seated, that lower bowl/cap seal is tight? Otherwise it is common for priming pump  being faulty. If desperate and have an assistant and good battery, crank and prime at the same time, it should fire after while. Another one is to prefill the filter with clean diesel.

Remove outlet hose from filter and pump/prime until fuel comes out properly then refit the hose and finish priming until you feel fair resistance on the primer pump

It is also not uncommon that aftermarket filters can be a trouble especially for common rail engines.

Choose your poison carefully.

I would recheck the filter installation just in case you've missed something. Also priming can take a while especially if there is low fuel level in the tank.



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Decided to change Diesel Filter the other day.

not starting easily after that particularly after a few hours standing, had to prime the filter and then started fine.

even though car is only about 7 years old fuel hoses have gone hard and wire clamp not able to provide tight seal.

replaced main fuel line to filter and changed to better clamps , no more issues.

important to connect main fuel hose to diesel pump last prime and hold your thumb over end part to prevent air sucking back into filter.

as you squeeze bulb push onto diesel pump and all air should be expelled.

i believe this could be a common problem and worth checking any fuel lines on Patrol older than 5 years


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