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Gq Patrol 4x4

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I have just put a 7inch lift kit and 35s on my gq patrol and ive taken it out for a test and when i put it in 4x4 (manuel lockin hubs) my front tyres are not spinning pnly my back ones are so i have no 4x4. theres a grinding clonking sound thats sounds like it coming from the front of the car when i try driving it in 4x4. i think my diffs gone but i want to be sure 

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Hmm, 7" lift and 35" tyres how do you get that as street/road legal?

Lift up the front end, put it in 4wd Hi lock the hubs and try to turn the wheels manually. Patrol diffs. are usually too strong for anything one would trow at them unlike Swiss cheese ones mafe by Yota. 

If your front diff is knackered it would clunk when you leave the hubs locked in 2WD mode as well. 

You can always check drive shaft movement by hand turning it back/forth as well with hubs locked in 2WD mode too.


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