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Spartan Auto Locker Noise

coolum patrol

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I have just purchased and installed a Spartan Auto Lockers into the front of my Nissan GU Patrol. Everything seemed to go together as it should. The thrust washers were not installed as per instructions. The problem I am having is that it does not seem to be unlocking properly. When I am driving with the hubs locked in and NOT in 4WD everything seems ok in a straight line but when I turn it is like the locker is working as it is fighting the steering and then there is a very loud bang which shakes the front wheels. It is like the locker is engaged and the axles are winding up until something finally gives with a very loud bang which I assume is the locker giving and releasing the pressure. I am very concerned that this constant stress and impact will break a CV or axle in the not too distant future. It also has the same result when 4WD is engaged. Not game to try any real 4WDing while it's like this.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution other than removing it? I have uploaded a video showing the problem.


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G'day mate, 

That is indeed very loud banging. I'm not familiar with Spartan unit but I have installed a clone aka LOKKA from 4WD Systems in my rig. Did you follow the installation instructions to the letter? It is possible that the internal clearance in the unlocking segment is not suffficient hence the issue when it needs to unlocks. If the measurements worked and everything is correct I'd contact Spartan people. 

Normally, these kind of units operate in this fashion and can have louder clicking/banging but yours does appear a bit rougher I guess. 


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