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Lost tacho, air con, engine light and glow light?


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Hi all,

Iv'e been scouring the forums to no avail so any help would be greatly appreciated. I went to start the vehicle this morning (2005 TD42ti DX cab chassis.) and found the glow light and engine light didn't illuminate when I turned the key, and when I started the engine (it wasn't a hard start) I had no tacho or air con (ac blows but not cold). When I came back from work and tried again, everything worked, but I had another go this arvo and nothing again.

I have-

Checked all ac, meter, air con etc. fuses next to the steering wheel and swapped around all the blue relays above said fuses. checked the earths near the dipstick and swapped the relays around under the bonnet near the battery.

The vehicle runs fine so i'm guessing it's some sort of electrical circuit they're all connected to. Which is a bit of a problem as it's hot as buggery up here in Darwin and no ac isn't fun, I feel like I'm back in the 40 series troopy.

Thank's again for any help you might be able to provide.

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