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  1. Current problem is when I'm driving and hit the brake or use indicators my stereo dims as though I have turned on the headlights. weird thing is some ties it does it for the duration of the trip, other times it will do it for a few seconds the stereo back to normal, its causing me grief with my reversion camera, I have owned this truck for less than a month, and am finding things like this out every day, I've tried to earth the rear indicators and tail lights and brake lights with diodes which made no difference, its as though when I use the indicators etc it is finding earth though my stereo.
  2. I got lumbered with a ZD30 2 weeks ago with a zd30 engine, the guy told me the noise at the front of the engine was just the belt squealing and handed me a new belt. after replacing the belt and the tensioner pulley the noise stopped for about 30 minutes then started again. If I spray anything on the belt the noise stops or is reduced to almost stopped, It is embarrassing to drive, the squealing is so loud, if I'm lucky after the engine has warmed up the noise is almost gone when the engine is idling. I have an alternator here given to me when I bought a converted zd30 about 2 years ago, so am
  3. Mine was originally a 2000 ZD30, but was converted to a TD42 by the previos owners...
  4. Got a problem with my Drivers windows when cold, if I press the auto button to wind it up, it will wind up all the way then back down about 3 inches, have only discovered this problem in the last week or so on cold mornings, if I keep pressing on the switch it will wind all the way up. anyone experienced this before? If so how did you fix it, what was the problem? Cheers
  5. No checkerplate on rock sliders... when it made the noise today, if I touched the accelerator pedal ever so slightly to bring the revs up from 750 to 800ish the sound goes away... Any ideas?
  6. I have an annoying Vibrating sound? when I hop out of my wagon, I hear a vibrating sound, if I put weight on my rock sliders it stops, if I climb back into my car it stops, if I climb under it and put pressure or pull on nearly ever component it stops, If I pull on the spring it stops, if I put pressure on my rear bumper it stops!!!! Can some one guide me into what to look for PLEASE, as its doing me head in
  7. Mine has got a 3 inch exhaust, but when I put my foot down doesn't sound grunty at all. I hear some patrols drive by and you can hear the turbo whistling and they sound like a v8 but are only 4.2's. if I block off the resonator in my air filter will it give a better tone? what else can/should I do to make it sound like a beast?
  8. The bit in the center....
  9. Its part of the box, right in the center, the filter goes around it...
  10. Dumb question but when replacing the air filter for the first time since I got the car last year, I notice that there is a tube in the middle of it which seems to go no where, What is its purpose? Do I need to block it off for my snorkel properly? Thank in advance
  11. I've done near 20K on it fro when I bought it last year and it had just over 300K then, I have no idea on the history of the glow pligs or injectors being serviced, so when I get paid I'll order some glow plugs to start with, then I'llbe on the hunt for injectors, do you have any idea what price I'll be looking at to replace the injectors and glow plugs?
  12. its good to know that I don't need to stress about my glow plug light. re my td42 yes it was originally out of a 1990 GQ non turbo, the previous owner converted it from a zd30 when he blew it up to a TD42 silver top so assume as per your comment " By any chance yours isn't also turbo charged (non genuine) " so agree with your comment of " yours is missing a smoke box aka smoke limiter or compensator ", so where do I start with regards to curing it and making or fitting a smoke limiter, or should I just not worry about it, apart from a plume of smoke every time I start it, it's more of an emb
  13. I have a 2000 GU series 2 which was originally a 3Ltr but the previous owner converted it to a 4.2Ltr being a 4.2 silvertop, the problem I have is when I glow the plugs, the light stays on for about 3 seconds, if the motor is already warm the light will only stay on for a second, where and how to I make adjustments to make the plugs glow longer? Also when I start the motor regardless if the motor is hot or cold, the is a cloud of blackish/greyish smoke, I really notice at night if I put my foot down going up a hill and there is a car behind me, it looks like I have flicked a switch to turn o
  14. Mine IC is held on by onto either the motor or with 2 bars fixed to the body.
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