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  1. I took the glove box out and the filter slot was closed see photo. Its a two part filter that clips together then slids in. I just wanted to no were to buy the right filter for it. Ill problem go to Nissan spare parts if i have no luck here but there so expensive.
  2. Does any no the were i can get a cabin filter for a gu 2015 patrol, i no it didnt come out with one but you can cut the section out of the air box to make one fit. Just need to no which one it would be. cheers paul
  3. Installed provent 200 catch can, seems to be working fine.
  4. Ok just filled up getting 7.3km/per ltr which is 13.69ltr/100km still not good but is getting better, there was a 200km of highway use in this. My old GQ was getting11/100 and that had shitty under powered 2.8ltr TD engine with steel every thing on it. Its running those Bridgestone Duellers A/T atm so there history when they wear down, going to put Yokohama Geolandar HT/S on it then. paul
  5. Well I might but some tractor tyres on it to improve fuel economy. motor probly blow up then haha. Well on the plus side its just not me then, BP shares here I come. I'll be going up to 32" or 33" tyres down the track which might help it a little. I new wasn't good when we filled it up twice in the 1st week. Time will tell. paul
  6. New 2015 Nissan Patrol (2100km on the clock), loves a drink of fuel. 15.72ltr/100km nothing like what they say when you buying it 10 to 12ltr per 100km. Its a manual to which should be good better than the auto. The wife drives it all week and she not heavy footed maybe I should of got the Toyota Prado hmm iam not happy chappie. Hope it improves with age or its out the door cause at this rate it will be to expensive to run. Time will tell. paul
  7. Had a 151ltr TJM steel long range fuel tank/steel side bars/steel bull bar/9000b warn winch with TJM suspension kit in my old 1997 GQ 2.8ltr patrol for 320,000km in some of the ruff- toughest FWD work around in the NT and had no coils towers reinforced. Don't they make them as they use to now>? paul
  8. I've got the bonnet scoop on mine fitting by Nissan, ( might do a test) Tie some party steamers to the bulbar and watch the ait flow.
  9. wonder installing a larger thermo fan on top of it would help>?
  10. Going to change the auxiliary fuel tank from a 30ltr to a 80ltr then put a 148ltr in the back. what do you guys think about this brand? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-BROWN-DAVIS-LONG-RANGE-AUX-TANK-NISSAN-PATROL-GU-Y61-1997-ON-LWB-NPGUA2-/281677769675?hash=item41954dabcb Paul
  11. Just tested those lights down our drive way very impressed. Can see easily threw window tint to the mirror, hope the neighbours don't get pissed off if some light heads there way. paul
  12. Ok costing, 1) X2 pack 7"inch 36w 60deg Flood beam, 12pcs *3w high intensity Cree Leds - Waterproof ip68. Also in the pack was rely, fusible link with fuse, & a push button switch. Got this on eBay special for $55 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2x-7INCH-36W-CREE-LED-WORK-LIGHT-BAR-FLOOD-OFFROAD-UTE-REVERSING-SPOT-12V-24V-/230895224211 2) Aluminium strip 40mm(wide) x 3mm(thick) x1m(long) - mitre 10 $12 3) Twin core 4mm shielded cable x 7m to reach back of car - Auto Barn $22 4) Narva switch with dim light & on light - The 12v shop $26 5) Two 8mm x 20mm brass bolt with nylon nuts and washers to mount light to bracket, I had theses. Cost around $12 6) x25 - 200mm zip ties. Was good value for money @ a Total cost = $127 I mounted the Aluminium bracket on the 2nd & 3rd bumper bar bolts from the side of the car to stay away from the x2 recovery points on the under there. Cheer paul
  13. Finished installing x2 camping lights/ reversing lights which runs threw a rely & switch. Made a bracket with a 25mm off set to raise the lights to nearly above rear toe -bar out of 40mm x 3mm aluminium about 400mm long. Screwed it up across x2 rear bumper bar screws, solid as. They shouldn't get hit on departure angle. Got some pic for you to, thanks to all that help me out in this installation to. cheers paul
  14. Paul

    Dash light wire

    Got it off the rear aircon switch right as usual dark blue and black tracer thanks for the help champ. couldn't wait for am.
  15. Paul

    Dash light wire

    Thanks for that mate ill check it out in the am. paul
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