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  1. Hi guys I am trying to get some info together for a possible project and I need to compare gear ratio's with the gearbox I am going to use, I already have the diff ratio's which work out slightly lower than what I am using so this should work better for me but struggling to get info for the gearbox ratio's. all info greatly appreciated __________________________ Graham
  2. Cheer's Rumcajs, yeah I know I have seen them over here in the past there is still a few 4.2's over here but not what I want to over powered for what I want same with the 2.8 aswell to over powered, the 3.3t is what I really want as it suits the gearbox in the Land Rover Defender project I want it for ---------------------- Graham
  3. Hi guys I am based in Manchester UK and just wondered if there are any patrol owners over here especially 3.3t owners as I have a few questions to ask ________________________ Graham
  4. Hi guys I have just this minute joined, anyway my name is graham and I live in Manchester UK _________________________ Graham
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