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  1. Hi thanks for your help. Firstly to investigate NATS or anything else at this stage i need to take Patrol to autoelectrician who already i talked through all the checks i done with NATS and the dash lights that it works with and everything was well and i was advised to take it to a mecanic as he said if it was kicking with starting spray it couldn't be something electrical. (His opinion) sure wouldn't you think that starting spray would fire anyway in any tight combustion chamber. I'm not convinced that using starting spray in the airbox shows us anything at all. Here is what i'm faced with and what i have done so far. 1/ Anyway, the real problem now is with no fault codes my options are running out. Should i take it to Nissan as there is a garage in the next county. The problem is it will cost me 80euros for a diagnostic check (Min cost depending on time spent at it) or with no codes present will they be able to tell me either what's wrong?? The tow truck and diagnostic day with nissan may not stop at 300euros! This is before the Patrol gets touched to be repaired at all 2/ Should i try the CAS sensor?? would it be worth changing out.. List of what i have done -Changed and primed a new Diesel filter (NO KICK) -Checked NATS with both keys (NO KICK) -Checked NATS light on dash by removing chip from key and trying to start (SOLID RED LIGHT STAYS ON DASH) -Used a made up funnel direct to IP (NO KICK) - Sprayed starting fluid in to airbox (KICKED,TRYING TO FIRE) I just don't know what to do next, my mecanic advised me on the phone it was the IP but this involves a tow truck and getting the Patrol to him, then is it going to be the IP after all that...why the hell is the stupid machine not giving me fault codes!!! lol Dan
  2. Hello all, Dan here from Limerick Ireland. Good to be here
  3. I need a Patrol guru... Ok firstly hello to all, some probably know me from the other forums. Ok a fast recap of my machine and then to get to my problem.I drive a DI 2004 Patrol it has never missed a beat. Yes the mileage is high now @ 280000miles (450000k's) all that was ever done was the clutch and solid flywheel conversion.So recently i came home from work and i had no engine lights, nothing wrong, pulling a good load of timber behind.Great power... well maintained Patrol. Never misses a beat and so i came home and switched it off,went in and had some lunch (probably one hour gone) and returned to go back to work and a NO START....cranking over but nothing... STRANGE... Ok so ahead are the things i have done but it is hell cause i'm getting no codes. 1/ I bridged the terminals 8 & 1 to get codes, i kept getting 0505 which is no faults detected!!! 2/ Took of fuel filter put on a new one with freshly filled diesel, got a good prime on the lift pump...NO KICK. 3/ Opened airbox used some starting spray GOT A KICK... trying to start. 4/ Done more diagnostics and got a code 0403 (Throttle position sensor) 5/ Changed throttle pedal and sensor (Still no START) 6/ About to change the CAS now I really don't mind putting money in to my Patrol,i suspect the IP as a possible failure too but i'm not sure what to change/check simply as i am getting no damn fault codes Any suggestions before i go mad!!! LOL ... Regards Dan
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