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  1. Have you checked the fuse or relay for the glow plugs? if the light's not coming on and it's harder to start when cold that might be a point of call?
  2. G'day all, I'm just wanting to find the correct torque specs for the RE4 auto oil pan bolts as I'll be doing a transmission filter change in the not too distant future. Thank you!
  3. G'day all. Newbie patrol owner from Perth here. 2008 ZD30 CRD wagon with RE4 auto. Married with 3 kids, dog, 7 motorbikes, work in the Pilbara as a dozer/loader operator.
  4. Gday, I'm from FNQ myself (Atherton Tablelands) although residing in Perth these days. I'm new here as well. I better introduce myself.
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