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  1. G’day kyoshofw05, I am planning a Cape York trip this July and my mate and I are going to both put in and make our own. We are using 6mm pneumatic tube https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Black-6mm-Outside-Dia-4mm-Inside-Dia-10M-Pneumatic-PU-Air-Tube-Hose/331556605113 with push lock fittings https://www.ebay.com/itm/232590768892 and pneumatic brass filters https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/10PCS-1-4-BSPT-Thread-Pneumatic-Brass-Air-Exhaust-Breather-Muffler-Filter/254023910205.. We are simply using a small piece of alloy angle,, drilling 4 1/4” equally spaced holes in it. Put a brass filter in each hole scew the push lock onto the filter and tighten it to secure it all to the angle. That will then be screwed high up to the firewall and the the lines then run to both diffs analso the transmission and transfer cases. All up cost will be les than $40 each. Not bad considering most available kits cost around $100 for only 2 breathers. Cheers im2xtreem
  2. Watching with great interest and would be interested in a cost breakdown as this is something I think a lot of us would love to do but are scared of the hole we assume it would leave in our pockets! Cheers im2xtreem
  3. G’day guys, I have been a patrol owner for about 10 years but due to a nightmare engine exchange (not he exchange itself but the lead up and outcome) that ended with me moving from Canberra to Townsville with my reco’d zd30 but no patrol...long story! After 18mths of looking for the righ doner vehicle, I finally bought a GU series 2 with winch bar and winch, luggage rack, 32” LED light bar, light force driving lights, 3” exhaust, awning, cruise control, touchscreen 7” fold out stereo with gps, 3” lift and Wrangler Kevlar muddies (std size) for a great price. So, now I’m finally enjoying getting out and exploring all the great tracks her in and around Townsville and planning trips further afield like Cape York (July this year) in the north and Carnarvon Gorge in the west and Fraser Island and the Glass House Mountains in the south. Cheers Shayne (Im2xtreem)
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