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  1. Hello everyone, I have a problem with gr y61 zd30 2001, the engine turns on well and regulates well and evenly, when accelerating it maintains the rpm, but when releasing the accelerator the revs drop and it turns off, the check engine turns on, and the code of fail at 0705, reboot ecu, delete it and again the same, if I slow down slowly it does not turn off or code appears .. will it be a vp44 pump problem? What sensor could be failing? the fuel filter was changed 500 km ago. where do I start to check ... Hello everyone, thank you Enviar comentario
  2. Hi everyone, I have on the GR Y61 XD30 2001 a MAP sensor with the code PBT-GF30 .. is this correct? when I bought the patrol I had a MAF with that number and in a handwritten bag 226806N200 .. but the piece contains the PBT ..... which one is actually used? is the one that is mounted correct? regards Freddy
  3. thank you very much for the answer, in Argentina there are regulations .. but very limited .. I could remove the catalyst without legal inconvenience .. only the conscience .. and the EGT meter will try to front .. if it gets complicated, I will go behind 😆☺️
  4. Hello, I have a zd30, and I have two doubts, should I remove the catalyst? and the second the EGT sensor installed it before the turbo or after it? I think that before it will indicate a higher temperature since the turbo dissipates. greetings from Argentina.
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