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  1. Turns out the gasket was faulty but head is ok. Should be able to get out of it for $500 or so doing work myself. I also replaced all the glow plugs to be sure but they were metal ones so i will get the timer mode done soon. Rumcajs - Is it absolutely necessary to replace the glow plug holders? There did not seem to be anything wrong with the ones in there. Cheers for all of your input. Dave
  2. I found a place in West Ryde Sydney who do head work. Brookers Brakes. Cheers
  3. Stupid Newby mistake. Pulled head off 180 out and it was not marked when cams came out and the idler pully has been spun around as well so i think i am in a spot of bother. I had my head checked and it was not cracked and pressure tested fine, ( he did say there were some minor cracks but they are not causing any dramas ) valves are all seating fine so he is decking it and i will get a new thicker gasket and new bolts and new gasket and slap it back together. When i put head back on how can i make sure the cams are in the right position and also get the idler pully back in the right p
  4. Hi, Need to get a new head for my zd30. Womdering the best place to go to for this in Sydney. Any info appreicated. Cheers Dave
  5. Took cooler off this weekend to clean after doing EGR block and fitting catch can. Tested glow plugs and sure enough the 4th rear plug is faulty. I tested 2 ways to be sure. Checked voltage at battery 12.36. Removed bus bar and first 3 plugs had same voltage as the battery. Last plug 11.5. Also no resistance on first 3 and got a reading on the rear plug. Pretty sure it is faulty. I am just going to change the 1 for now with a ceramic and I will replace all with metal once I do the glow plug timer mod. My question is How do you get the glow plug holders out ( the black plastic cups ) so
  6. Sorry it has been a while. I reckon that it was the fuel. I filled up from same Caltex I always had the other day and it is fine. I will still put the glow plugs on the list of things to do. Will probably do it when I get my bigger cooler and do EGR block. Thanks for your input. Cheers dave
  7. RUMCAJS Thanks for your reply. I will check glow plugs and monitor coolant level. If i do need to replace glow plugs what is the best brand/type of glow plug to get for replacement and also i am assuming if i do 1 i should just replace them all. Thanks again for your help. Cheers Dave
  8. Hi, Over the weekend I flushed my cooling system on ZD30 patrol GU3. I did a lot of reading about air bubbles in the system and was very careful when refilling to get all of the air out. or at least I hope I was. Took the car for a drive to Wollongong ( I live in Sydney ) and back on Saturday night. Knowing I had just done a coolant change my eyes were on the temp gauge more than the road and it did not seem to move at all on the journey. My eyes were particularly glued to it when I was coming up Bulli pass. Drove all then way up in 4th at 80 and it chugged all the way up with no appar
  9. first thing on my list. Will start with boost, pyro gauges and EGR block. Then will do catch can, dawes valve and needle valve. Already have a 3 inch zorst. Cheers
  10. Hi guys, I have come to my senses and got a patrol. Very happy with it. 2003 ZD30 165000 with all the fruit. Can't wait to get it off the black top. My name is Dave and i am Sydney. See you soon guys. Cheers Dave
  11. Been a while. I got one. 2003 first reg 2004 ZD30 patrol. 165000 on clock with all the fruit.F & R Lockers, turbo timer, snorkel, rear work lights, lift with snake forged arms and tough dog springs and shocks, heavy duty TJM winch bar with winch and 4 x HID spotties, 33 muddies, millweld rock sliders, dual batteries with 2 new batteries. Serviced every 10000 up to 110000 by nissan and then new owner serviced every 5000 and has spent a bucket load on it maintenance wise. All wheel bearings just done, new clutch, brand new turbo,( old one develeoped a water leak. ) Paid 23K. a little ove
  12. Thanks mate. I am starting to see that there are a lot of happy ZD30 owners out there. The funny thing is that the internet is absolutely littered with bad stories of the ZD30, but every one that i have had a chance to approach in person love them and can't fault them. It is always the people who have never owned one but they have a mate of a mate that has had problems. Kind of makes u think a bit. I am still trying to work this lady down. But if i have to let it go i will. There will be others.
  13. Turns out the 4.2 with 175 on clock was not a 4.2 but a 3.0. I thought it was a little low priced for a 4.2 2003 model. I just want to get the newest model patrol possible with the cash i have and if it has to be a late model 3.0 then so be it. I have to sell my 2001 VX SS as well which is advertised at the moment. If i can get a reasonable price for that it will push my budget up to $25000 or so. Not that i would pay that for an 05 but at least as soon as i get it i could do NADS straight away. Or maybe even save a little more and look at a CRD
  14. Thanks for your input. Am definitely not mechanically illiterate so servicing does not bother me. Would defintely do the NADS mods as i have done quite a fair bit of reading on this and people seem to get quite positive results. I thought it was low KMs for this year model. 8 years old. Average KMs per year is generally 25 000 which would mean this has done a little less than average kms. All this a side i think you are right in that i should walk away becasue i think she is asking 2 much. I have not completely ruled out the 4.2 TD but i would need to get one at the right price. There is a
  15. Stock as a rock apart from a turbo timer from new. Have not driven up to 110 but have driven it around the block maybe to 60. Advertised since Sunday.
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