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  1. Those gauges look interesting. One reason I had against gauges was their size. So where did you get these from? Also where have you put you controls re needle vale etc. I gather you have manual & electronic control on the Dawes and needle valve set up. The pics scare me as well. How in the heck do you keep the cab clean? I would have to dust and vacuum each day to keep it looking like that. Even then there is always a smudge of red earth in there somewhere that wont budge.
  2. Well it’s a part NADS or thereabouts. The basic changes are : 1. Snorkel – Safari, I wanted one I can add a filter sock to it as a secondary precaution to the bulldust. 2. Catch can. 3. New bigger intercooler with fan also I am going with a thermocouple fan switch. 4. ERG shim 5. Dawes valve. I think that was all anyway I will find out when the bill comes in. I had thought about adding the gauges but that does become a problem in respect to their location in my GU IV. I had thought of a column pod set up but wondered about the legality of this after reading the gumph re the location of a GPS unit on the dash/window. The only addition I want to add is a duel battery monitor. Not that happy with fully sealed batteries. I am being lazy with this and just left an order for the complete install with a crowd called Alltrac4WD, (a little 400Ks done the track). I could get it done locally if you call 80 odd Ks local out here, next city. Anyway it should be ready before I hit the Flinders again next month.
  3. Actually it just looks big. As far as the towing bit goes the GU handles it very well. The picture was taken in Quorn so I had to tow the van through the Pichi Richi Pass and had little problem. Just keep the revs steady at 2500 and don't expect to do a 110 km/h dash. As it is I tend to sit around the 80 km/h mark when towing. As for the van basic specs are: Width = 2.05m (6'9") Length = 4.76m (15' 7.5") Tare = 1700 kg GVM = 2400 kg I have just replaced the springs and shockers with standard height King springs and Ironman Nitro shockers. This helped to keep the van up. The old springs were a little limp for this. the van is a full off road spec: Kitchen Internal Smev 3 Burner & Sink Combo, hot and cold pumped water 12/240V 140ltr. Waeco Compressor Fridge 12 Volt Water Pump 19l 240 Volt microwave oven Bed 2 x Single Beds Awning: 11 Foot Rollout Awning Annex: shade cloth style annex Storage 2 x Front Tunnel Boots 1 x Under Bed Storage access inside van 1 x Under Bed Storage access inside van or via outside door Overhead Cupboards Electrical 19inch 12 Volt TV with DVD Player CD/Radio 3 x 240 Volt double Sockets 5x LED Down Lights- Internal 2x Bed Side Lights 1x External LED Strip Light 12v Battery System 3x 12 Volt Outlets – 2 Int/ 1 Ext 2x 100 AH Sealed Batteries 240 Volt Battery Charger Battery Indicator Anderson Plug 1000 Watt 12volt to 240 volt pure sine wave inverter Solar 2x 80 Watt Solar Panels 1 x 120 Watt folding solar panner with anderson plug and battery clips. Water Tanks 2x90ltr. Under Body Water Indicator 1 x 90l gray water tank Gas 2 x 9kg & Ring Holders Plumbed to Kitchen / Hot Water Service Standard Inclusions Toilet (Porta Potti), Shower & Hand Basin Hot Water Service Other additions on van Outside Table External BBQ (slides into own compartment) 2 x Jerry Can Holders DO35 Off Road Hitch Suspension: Cruisemaster Independent / Twin Shock Absorbers There are a few extras I added to the original. Suits me as it is mainly for the trio, Me, Myself and I.
  4. Bought this in September 2012. Finally got to use it Easter 2013. Still have a few thing to have added to it yet. I was looking at one of their camper trailers and made an order for one, plus extra modifications. Saw this and told them to chuck the trailer I will take the van. Small price difference but worth the cost.
  5. Hi, Also nice to see some from other forums here as well. What have i got, 2005 GU IV, but that 3.0 DI diesel. Also have a Maverick with a 4.5 petrol upgrade. just about to do some NADS work o the GU.
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