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Gear ratio's 3.3 Turbo

Cornish Rattler

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Hi guys

I am trying to get some info together for a possible project and I need to compare gear ratio's with the gearbox I am going to use, I already have the diff ratio's which work out slightly lower than what I am using so this should work better for me but struggling to get info for the gearbox ratio's.

all info greatly appreciated



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G'day, first of all I never heard of 3.3 L in GU/GR or Y61 so is this a typo and you mean 3.0 L aka ZD30 engine?

Edit: Excuse my ignorance, I have looked around and noticed your post in MK section so this makes sense now. Nissan Patrol MK/MQ with SD33T engine and possibly built in Spain from 1983 to 1988 I guess. 3rd generation of Patrol.....


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