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Evidence of airbag change?


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I am not the most mechanically minded man on the planet so forgive my ignorance.

I have taken my GU to the (respected) dealers who sold it me second hand in Brisbane  and asked for airbag replacement as required by recall note, but haven't got any way of telling if it was changed. A verbal saying it was done, but no paperwork, no sticker, no information if it was a like for like or an upgrade. Is this typical? How can I check this?

Thanks in advance, all genuine suggestions appreciated, critical comments are expected, humour to be hoped for.

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Unless, they've given you a paperwork or afixed recall sticker then you can't tell unless you pull the SRS airbag detonator out and inspect its serial/part numbers or actually witnessed it being fitted ( I did ).There should be an invoice generated for Nissan Australia by the dealer indeed Nissan will only supply enough for the vehicles listed as coming under the dealers system. So you could contact Nissan Australia directly to obtain the information about your vehicle as they must keep that transaction for ACC. 

In any case this airbag re-call is a fraud. Takata Inc needs to supply around 40 to 80 million additional unit for vehicles around the world which some of them are not even being produced anymore on top of actually supplying/fullfilling existing contracts to produce them for current productions of vehicles. To understand what is going on, the Japanese invented manufacturing system like JIT (Just in Time) which means they mostly don't produce anything extra for the stores to keep. This means that lead times for extra units are very long.....

That can't be done in ones lifetime. Most dealers will replace the units "like for like" as they have nothing else supplied to them. 

Probably only difference will be with the so called Alpha series airbags where/if the updates can be made or they can be superceded by later units. 

If your Nissan is 2000-2003 model then do ensure they updated the SRS airbag detonator/entire unit to later version.

If they ask me to come again I'll cut the wires to that shyte myself.  



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Thanks for your informative response Rumcajs, while I dont plan to have have the airbag go off anyway, I will ask Nissan Australia just to be sure. Not worried about blowing a hole in me but I wouldnt want my missus to cop a faceful of shrapnel, no matter how small the chance of it occuring is.

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