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please help 1997 2.8TD problems


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Hello every one,

I have a 1997 2.8TD gu patrol, and I need help.

the problems that she has are that she uses coolant and I cannot fined where the leek is. my local mechanic says that he doesn't think its the head gasket  and I don't have wet carpets so I don't think its the heater. she has a water cooled turbo, could it be this ? 

the other issue is that when I start her she will pump out a big white/blue cloud and she will do this when she is hot or cold. 

She will also give a cough of blueish smoke with and  hiccup in power when driving at low revs. 

she has recently had a dose of fuel bug which I have treated and I have change the fuel filter twice now. 

If you need more detail to help you help me, please just ask, as I have to keep her on the road and I don't think she will pass her next test (French control technique)  

Any advice to resolve these problems will be greatly appreciated 

Many thanks in advance from a stressed brit in France



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RD28 engine is notorious for warped engine head due to overheating and subsequent coolant loss.....

White smoke is usually coolant being burned especially when doing it hot. The blue smoke is usually indication of burning engine oil. Having said that white or grey smoke can be also a symptom of unburned diesel fuel especially when cold due to glow lugs not operating properly.

Coolant will leave "tell tale" traces where it leaks so if it is external leak you should be able to find it. If you can that means coolant is leaking in to combustion chamber of any cylinder.

What is the engine oil like, does it look milky grey?

Anyway, any mechanic worth its spanners would do following .....

Pressure test cooling system both when engine is cold and hot to find external leaks first.

May be then start looking inside, take glow plugs out or injectors and carry compression test etc.



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